We Cook and Deliver Healthy Meals to You

Healthy Meal Delivery, Delivered Throughout the GTA.

Building Good Habits

If you are busy and tired, eating healthy can seem impossible. 

Every week we help dozens of clients, get on track with a healthy lifestyle. So you can meet your goals and regain control of your health.

We are celebrating 13 Years of Service and over 100,000 healthy meals delivered.

Core Benefits

Customize Your Meals

Your meals are catered to your dietary preferences so you are eating meals that fit your needs. Pick your meals, pick your size and remove ingredients you don't like.

New Menus Every Week

We provide variety to your meals, keeping you satisfied with new selections each week with our chef's latest creations and bursts of flavour.

Meet your Goals

You are top priority, meet your health goals while eating your delicious custom meals.

The Essential Plan

We can help you in 4 easy Steps!

Choose your Delivery

Select a delivery date that works for you.

Choose your Meals

Choose the Size of meal, your protein sources and select your meals

Create your Account

Create your account and personalize it to meet your dietary needs

Enjoy your meals

Enjoy your meals that make you thrive and reach your goals

Changing your eating habits can seem impossible and overwhelming

Avoiding change can result in weight gain, fatigue and a general poor quality of life. Which then can make you stressed, its a vicious cycle.

We’re here to help

Our meal delivery service will help organize your meals for the week and will put you on course to reach your health goals.

You’ll be relieved and happy with the decision you made today.

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We've Helped these Clients

We can help. Our meals are just a click away.

Our Features

Ingredient customization

Choose your own meals

Biodegradable packaging

Delivery notifications

Pasture raised proteins

Vegetarian Available

Buy ahead and save

Never Frozen, Always fresh


Our most frequent questions and answers

To use your gift card. Make sure to toggle the “use gift card balance” to ON. This will allow you to enter your code and redeem your card. 

Watch this video for a quick guide. 

No, Just heat and serve to your desired temperature. No pots and pans required. Focus on your other healthy habits and leave the cooking to us.

 yes we are a team of trained chefs from various backgrounds giving us the ability to provide fusion menus, bringing different cuisines together. david the owner and head chef has his red seal, a provincial standard.

We make delivery simple. Our menus arrive in a cooler packed with icepacks. We can leave the delivery anywhere you like. you’ll get email and text delivery notifications during delivery to notify you when we are on our way, and when we complete your delivery. 

We deliver to Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville.

We are a perfect match, its what we do best. Cook for clients with lots of restrictions. Gluten Free? no problem. Hate Brocolli? no problem. Set your food preferences within your account.

When you compare us to take out, the short answer is yes. We customize  your meal, source ingredients and deliver to you. Check out our pricing