Have Questions?

Need more information on our services? Here are answers to commonly asked questions. 

Is the price of it worth it?

When you compare us to take out, yes!. We customize your meal, source ingredients and deliver to you. You can buy 1 day at a time or save and purchase 3 months upfront. Check out our prices.

Will delivery work for me?

We make delivery simple. Our menus arrive in a cooler packed with icepacks. We can leave the delivery anywhere you like. you’ll get email and text delivery notifications duing delivery to notify you when we are on our way, and when are finished your delivery. 

I'm a picky eater, will this work for me?

We are a perfect match, its what we do best. Cook for clients with lots of restrictions. Gluten Free? no problem. Hate Broccoli? no problem. Set your food preferences within your account.

How do I use my gift card?

To activate and use your gift card, follow all the prompts to create an account. On your confirmation page, toggle “use gift card balance” to ON. Enter and apply your code. Here is a quick video on HOW TO. 

I have allergies

We can work with most allergies, depending on your comfort level.  You can easily inform us of customization needed within your account.

Can you deliver during the day?

We do deliver during the day to select locations on Monday and Thursday mornings 10am – 2pm.  We use Good Foot Delivery to deliver. The Delivery fee is  $3.5o/per meal. When you order meals the option will show up if available in your area.

What precautions are you taking duing COvid-19?

We are taking every precaution to make our service safe. Extra cleaning, Masks, Uniforms and disinfecting Cooler Bags and Ice-packs. Plus a contact less delivery system

I need meals for an older relative, they don't use computers.

We understand. We recommend having someone in your family or their support network order the meals for them. Use a weekly call with them to order the meals. Print our menu and take their order. We will go the extra mile for you, but we need a support team to help us with ordering. 

Do you cater ?

We do. Full functions for celebrations to Office Catering. During COVID-19  we recommend individual portioned food. Check out our Catering Page and send us a message to get started with a plan. 

Office Meals? my team is hungry.

We can do that. Custom creations that your team request daily to our menu and more. Think of us like a concierge service for food and beverage. Fresh Fruit, Vegetable Cups, Individual meals for after hours? Or feeling uneasy about going out during COVID? Check out our Business Page and send us a message to setup a custom plan. 

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