Behind The Scenes: The Story of a Chef and a Client

Toronto Meal Delivery“Healthy meals handcrafted just for you.” This is Essential Meal Delivery’s slogan. It’s an idea that we’ve spent the last four years perfecting. And it’s an idea that’s valued by the people we cook for. Even with our growing client list, we prepare meals to each individual’s tastes and preferences.

So how do we do it? How do we cook for fifty with the care of a personal chef?

Here’s how. When someone signs up for Essential Meal Delivery, they’re asked about their allergies, diet, and food preferences. These specifications are brought forward every time an order hits our kitchen.

So a menu item at EMD doesn’t just take up an inch on a menu; it is full pages, printed out with all the variations we’ll need to be alert to. 

David Greensmith is the founder and head chef at EMD. There isn’t some mathematical breakdown or formula that allows him to cook for bunches of taste palates, it’s a personal understanding of who he’s cooking for. David says:

“Every day I look over the order list and decide the best strategy to prepare, say, the 26 variations. I’ve been cooking for a chunk of our clients for years, which gives me a good understanding of how they like their food.”

Because David reads every email, is making most phone calls, and is the first person to see the newest meal service sign-up, he relates a personality to everyone on the cooking list. 

Another way that EMD has grown with our clients is through its scheduled menu.  Four weeks, 3-6 items a day, learning what’s most popular, what our clients like, what they like to order. Learning and changing accompanying their tastes, give them variations.

One of our many satisfied clients is Ricardo Vazquez, a UI/UX Designer who writes:

Toronto catering“The meals that I receive every week are a perfect balance of high-quality protein coupled with a healthy amount of vegetables. What is best about EMD is learning  and adapting to better ways of eating. I can confidently say EMD has changed the way I consume food. While training for my upcoming rowing reason, EMD provided the boost in morale I needed. No one wants to get stuck with chicken and grilled peppers every single day! ” 

Thank you, Ricardo. And thank you for visiting our new website and our new blog. Future blog posts will continue too tell the story of how we operate and strive to make essential meals.

 Yours in Good Health,

– The Essential Meals Team


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