Customized Healthy Meals – The Essential Meal Delivery Way

How we Customize

We live in a world of customization, getting what we need when we want it. When it comes to Meal Delivery Services there are no exceptions. Over the years we have designed a system that allows our clients to have customized meals that suit their needs.

Whether that is Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free or Lactose free meals. Hell….you can even banish broccoli and brussel sprouts forever !!!

How we do it is simple. We ask you what you don’t want to see in your meals and we let you update it at anytime from your phone or computer. Our sign up process is 4 steps. We ask you how can we customize our menu to fit your needs.

We follow up with you if its something we can’t do. But 99% of the time we are able to do it. Our chefs take care and are alerted to all client preferences.

At the bottom of step 2 there is a dialogue box, where you can type out specifics. No need to worry. If you are trying our Keto Meals just write “Keto Style Please – Limit Carbs, Add Fat and Reduce Protein”. We then take our menu and modify it using any preferences you gave us to create the meal.

How to Use Our Service

If you have questions about how to setup your account reach out. We are here if you need us. Our service is like a prepaid phone card. Load your account with meals and use them up as you need them. Our customization allows you to select what meals you order and the quantity based on your needs for the day. We deliver twice a week to you home, office, gym or you can even pickup from us and meet us in person!

Until Next Time!

The Essential Meal Delivery Team

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