Gift Cards – How to Use Them with Essential Meal Delivery

Gift Cards


Meal Delivery services are a perfect way to send to family or friends healthy, delicious meals to make their lives a little easier when life gets in the way.


Gift Card Present
Put your Gift in a Fancy Box


Examples of Great Times to Buy Meals


  • Friends/ Family or Work Colleagues who are sick.
  • Friends/ Family or Work Colleagues on Mat/Pat Leave
  • House warming gift for moving day!
  • Someone just out of surgery at the hospital.
  • Students
  • For Someone you know to make their life a little bit easier.
  • For Someone who wants to see what healthy meals look like!


Gift Cards can be redeemed for Meal Delivery services when the time is right for them. The best part is they can set up their own accounts with the Gift Card Number provided and customize their meals and schedule a delivery that works best for them. Its a really simple process that we will walk you through below.


Interested in a Gift Card?


If you are still with us, you must be interested in how to get the perfect gift from Essential Meal Delivery. You can follow this link to purchase.


Gift Card Sizes
Gift Card Options or Select a Custom Amount


If you have questions about how many meals your gift card will redeem click here to see the first step of our client form to see what your budget should be for 6, 10 or 20 meals. Then go back to the Gift Card Page to Redeem.


There are factors to consider like sizes of meals, the quantity, organic meats and delivery fees if applicable with how much a gift card should be for. Our tip, do what you can afford, the thought is what counts!


Example: $150 will get 6 to 8 Healthy Meals depending on their preferences on sign up.


You will receive an email once you purchase, please double check your junk mail just in case. We suggest printing off the Gift Code and writing your own personal email or card. It can also be helpful to send them a link or print out of our how to guide. A guide to help them understand how signup and ordering works.


If you have any other questions, please ask. We are only a click away!


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Essential Meal Delivery


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