Healthy Meals for your Workforce!

Corporate Wellness Done Right!


Essential Meal Delivery provides meals for you and your colleagues who work late, are working overtime or just as part of your ongoing corporate wellness/benefits plan to keep your team fed and engaged at work. It’s a proven strategy that is growing in Canada.


Corporate Wellness Meals









We fit our meal plans to fit your Per Diem, or a budget that works for you. Meals are Delivered to your office up to 2 times a week from 2 new menus, ready to heat and enjoy! We also offer daily Catering service when the entire team can enjoy together!


Individual Employee Accounts


Each employee can customize by adding restrictions and modifications to their personal account, gluten free? No problem. We even have Vegan options ready when you need. Contact us below to set up your company account and see the difference in our meals.

Benefits Of Our Meals


The benefits of healthy meal delivery at work are numerous. By having a constant supply of healthy meals and salads available at work and pre-ordered. Your team is less tempted to go off on a takeout bender. Our meals leave you full and satisfied keeping you going throughout the day. Just heat and enjoy!

Benefits Include


  • Improved Productivity
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Contribute to Your Corporate Wellness Strategy
  • Employees Select and Modify their own Personal Accounts
  • A great introductory offer! 20% off


If you are interested in learning more send us an email, give us a call. Or click here to learn more and fill out the form to get started!


Better Quality Meals

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