Paleo Diet

6 Reasons You Should Start the Paleo Diet

Are you considering a paleo diet? Do you know what a paleo diet is? 

Your long-term health goals can be achieved by switching to a paleo diet, and we’re going to tell you how. 

Keep reading and check out our six reasons you should start the paleo diet. 

What is a Paleo Diet?

Think back to the caveman era or more formally known as the Paleolithic era, dating back to about 2.5 to 10,000 million years ago. The paleo diet focuses on food that was eaten during this time. 

This diet includes lean meats and fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Aka, food you could obtain through hunting and gathering, as opposed to farmed goods. This is why it is also referred to as the caveman diet.  

1) Lose or Maintain Healthy Weight

The number one reason people look for new diets, like the paleo diet, is to lose weight. 

The paleo diet is a way to eat as much as you want but just eating more of what’s good for you rather than fast food, junk food, and empty carbs. When you focus on natural foods and cutting out unnatural foods, the weight will fall off. 

2) Meal Planning

When you aren’t following a meal plan, it can be overwhelming to try and stick to a healthy lifestyle. Following the paleo diet is simple to follow and great to help you keep on track. 

You don’t need to watch or track points or count your calories and carbs. There are no rules and limitations on how much food you can eat every day. Mentally, when you don’t have rules to follow, you are less likely to self-sabotage and stick to your meal plan. 

The paleo diet offers so many foods that you can mix and match to keep a fun and fulfilling meal plan

3) Better Appetite Management

No one wants to be on a diet that leaves you hungry all the time. 

Most diets cut your intake, which is a result, keeps constantly hungry. A paleo diet doesn’t cut the amount of food you eat. Instead, it focuses on eating foods that keep you feeling full and good.

A paleo diet includes healthy fats and nutrients that help you stay full and not crave the unnatural foods. Paleo diets offer a good mix of proteins from meat to vegetables and substantial amounts of fibre from fruits.

4) Improved Blood Glucose Levels

Refined sugar is the number one culprit in spiking your blood glucose levels. With a paleo diet, you avoid those refined sugars, which helps you avoid fatigue and sugar crashes.

This diet is often recommended for diabetes to help control spikes. People can use this to avoid diabetes or even monitor blood sugar levels during weight loss or healthy weight maintenance. 

5) Improves Sleep

The additives in processed and unnatural food prevent your body from getting naturally tired at night. 

Your brain releases serotonin at night to signal that you’re tired. When your body fills with unnatural chemicals, it overrides the serotonin.
When you sleep better, you wake up more energized and overall healthier. 

6) Lean Muscles

Most people seek a lean and toned physique. A paleo diet is a great method to help with muscle growth. 

Your protein intake is clean and natural, resembling that of a caveman who required efficient muscles for carrying, hunting, and so much more. 

Are You Caveman Ready? 

Essentially, a Paleo diet is an easy way to change your eating habits to a cleaner and more natural way. From weight loss to diabetes, it helps with a multitude of health concerns too. 

Now that you know all the ins and outs of a paleo diet, are you ready to make the switch? 

If you’re unsure about how to do it, you can check out resources that will help you with recipes and meal delivery. 

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