fun facts about healthy eating

6 Fun Facts About Healthy Eating

Have you added “Get Healthy” to your list for the new year? If so, you don’t have to wait until January 1st to get started. Get a head start today by simply switching out some of your normal dishes, for healthier options. 

If you’re in serious need of some meal motivation that will point you in a healthier direction, check out these 6 fun facts about healthy eating!

1. Healthy Foods Help to Kill Cravings  

Are you worried that you won’t be able to fight the cravings that inevitably seem to come when trying to make major changes to your diet?

Cravings are definitely not fun! However, choosing the right healthy foods will actually help eliminate cravings over time.

Fewer cravings will allow you to focus more on the things throughout the day that bring you joy, so look for foods that are rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. These foods will give you that “full” sensation and remove the desire to snack in between meals. 

2. Healthy Food Is Actually Cheaper  

Poor nutrition from a diet that mostly consists of processed, salty, sugary, and fried unhealthy foods contribute greatly to tooth decay, and diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer!

What seems like a cheap diet, can quickly turn into years of medical bills for various health ailments and their medications. 

In the long run, those healthier options that cost a few extra pounds today, are actually cheaper for your tomorrow. A healthy body and saved pounds are fun, right?

3. Healthy Foods Can Make You Happier  

Many studies support the truth that an unhealthy diet is constantly linked with mental health issues; namely depression and anxiety. 

Choosing foods like bananas, fish, oats, nuts, and seeds will help to boost your mood and assist you in gaining mental clarity. A happy body means a happy mind and more happy times!

4. Most Junk Foods Have Healthy Alternatives 

Here’s a really fun fact: Most of your favorite unhealthy foods have yummier healthier substitutes.

Social media has allowed many of the culinary world’s most renowned chefs to share healthy alternatives to some of the world’s most popular junk food dishes. Next time you’re browsing the web, choose to subscribe and follow a few pages that share recipes that are not only good to your tummy but also good to your entire body!

Once you find a recipe that works for you, meal prep a few batches and freeze them for future dinner indulgences.  

5. Eating Healthy Can Reverse Illnesses  

Just like unhealthy eating can cause serious health issues for your body, eating healthy can aid in reversing the effects of a diet disaster.

For example, type 2 diabetes patients who’ve committed to a low carb, high protein diet, have been able to reverse their type 2 diabetes diagnosis and stop the requirement for insulin pills and shots. 

Think about all of the ways leafy greens, healthy fats, and organic fruits impact your body in a positive way!

6. A Healthy Diet Is More Effective Than Exercise

 Although exercise is essential to keep your body running smoothly, it’s fair to recognize that everyone isn’t a “gym rat”. In fact, many people get zero enjoyment from the gym. 

Losing weight or maintaining your current healthy weight will almost always come down to your diet. The 80/20 rule states, that 80% of weight loss comes from your diet, and only 20% of weight loss comes from exercise. 

If your idea of a fun day never consists of stopping at the gym, do most of your “exercise” with your eating utensils, and choose foods that add healthy fuel to your body. 

Do You Love These Fun Facts About Healthy Eating?

Have these fun facts about healthy eating gotten you excited about your new lifestyle change? 

 Let us help you on your journey. Check out our delicious menus of top-notch healthy meals prepared with you in mind, and bring in your new year the right way!

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